#UGST Class On Tour in a City Near You!

So, the things we learned at the library and the CC actually ended up being really useful. There, I said it. My favorite part of it all was meeting the really awesome people that worked in these places. Literally, I could chill with them. I felt super comfortable asking questions and conversing with them, and they were so helpful! Here’s a list of things I learned from them:

Library: I found out about the Digital Library, which basically is an entire catalog of documents that have to do with whatever major you choose; it’s real neat. 


Next, I learned about the Online Articles, which give you access to a butt-load of research articles that are just fabulous for research, papers, projects, etc. 


Today, we went to the Career Center, and learned about the many tools aiding those who are wishing to find a job/preparing for the “real world.” One thing we learned about (and was highly encouraged to get) was EagleNetwork. This strengthens our overall connections with the school, alumni, and job opportunities and internships that may be available. It’s a great door opener for many different opportunities! 


The Career Center in general helps you really get prepared for the real world, and allows you many ways to get involved! They’ll even do mock interviews, allow interviews to be held there, and they’ll help you build your resume! They’ll tell you when they have workshops to take advantage of, too!



My Family (Career) Tree!

Alright you guys. Here’s my Prezi, but it’s really not wanting to show up. If y’all are Prezi/Wordpress pros, let me know because I have been trying to get this to upload for an hour. So heres my attempt, and I’ll go ahead and through the URL here just for kicks. I PROMISE I DID THE ASSIGNMENT MS. LAURA


Myers-Briggs/Strong Strikes Again!

Like the Myers-Briggs report, the Strong Profile was extremely correct. I don’t know about y’all, but it’s really helping me figure out what I want to do, or at least reassure me of what I was thinking I wanted to do. 

My letters ended up being SAE, or Social, Artistic and Enterprising. Funny, that’s what I guessed I would be, in that order. According to the chart, apparently I’m very social and artistic, and enterprising as well. These three topics fit exactly into the three majors I have been considering: Broadcast Journalism, Counseling, and Hospitality Management. I pretty much just need to pick from the three… So yes, my Strong very much so applies to me. 

Some of the careers I have been considering popped up in my Top Ten Strong Occupations, or at least careers I may consider, including Broadcast Journalism, and Community Service Directing.  That was pretty reassuring to see, so at least I’m not totally clueless.  I have also considered being a Special Education Teacher, because I LOVE working with kids, and I have always been extremely interested in disorders and special needs. I can see myself in these career paths, because they include a lot of interaction with people, and that’s the kind of career a want to pursue. If I need a second job, Bartending can be the next best thing, I suppose. (: 

Here goes my Personal Style Scales Preferences:

1. You likely prefer working with people. (duh)

2. You seem to prefer to learn my doing. (very accurate)

3. You probably are comfortable both leading by example and taking charge. (I mean, if it’s necessary or something I’m passionate about, yeah.)

4. You may dislike taking risks. (MEGA YES)

5. You probably enjoy participating in teams. (Teamwork makes the dream work, y’all)

So basically, all of these are very accurate, and it’s kinda creepin’ me out a bit. But hey, whatever’s going to to help me decide, right?

Alrighty. So for the Themes of Greatest Interest to You, I came out with a whopping “Empathic Helper,” “Creative Communicator,” and “Active Persuader.” Cool, I can agree with those. For my “Social” major, I chose Counseling, because that’s something I can really see myself doing. I love helping others, and I love having the reputation of being trustworthy.  I’m not sure exactly what sort of counseling I would do, but I could definitely see myself down that path! For “Artistic,” I chose Broadcasting, because that’s another career I had already been considering. It takes a lot of creativity and writing, and I think I’m pretty creative, and I love to write. It’s just a career that’s really sparked my interest, and requires a lot of socializing and working with others. I had a hard time picking just one, though.  There were a lot in this category that I have considered, or see myself doing, like Photography, Dance, and Journalism. It’s an issue. Lastly, my “Enterprising.” I chose Hospitality as my major for this one, because that’s what I’ve also previously considered. With this, I’d probably go more towards management, and maybe be a wedding planner! Gah, I’d love that. I probably wouldn’t work in the hotel business, despite my last name. Just not really for me. 

As for my Learning Environment, of course, it is very correct. I DO love learning through a more hands-on environment, it’s just easier to remember things when you’ve done it yourself and have already gone through the procedure or practiced a lot. I love the idea of internships, because what better way to learn than to get thrown right in and learn the ropes of it all. I can handle the traditional lecture classes, sure, but if I really need something to stick, it needs to be hands-on.  I think it’s because I went to a Montessori elementary school, and ever since then I’ve always had that itch to learn things by doing them, not just listening and reading about how to do it. So, I can’t wait to get an internship somewhere. 

The collaboration with the Strong and the Myers-Briggs pretty much sums up my whole work personality and preferred work environment.  I love an interactive, collaborative environment, where everyone works off of each other to accomplish something great. I love to be helpful, and I love to do anything I can for the benefit of others. I love seeing the potential in everyone around me, and feeding off of that. I like to make sure that whatever I chose, it doesn’t only benefit me, but also those around me, otherwise I’m not happy. I can adapt easily to situations, and I’m not terribly scared to change things around and use variety. As for more of my personality at work, I’d be energetic, and uplift others to get the job done. I want to be as encouraging as possible. I also want to contribute to the team in the most positive way possible, and be as helpful as I can. Work isn’t enjoyable if the atmosphere is discouraging. Let’s make it more fun, shall we?

Well, the Strong gave me some “occupations to explore,” and some of them were spot on. Others, not so much. Like a Life Insurance Agent? I’m not real sure how that one came into play, but O-Net should be helpful with that…

Let’s see here. According to O-Net,  the job requires experience with people. Okay, so you have to be social. And I’m social. It also requires management, which has to do with enterprising. It also requires a lot of reading and writing, and I love both of those. Listening is also a large factor, and I love listening to people. Mainly, there’s just a lot of talking involved, and according to my personality description I do a lot of that.  I guess technically, the job makes sense for me. But would I consider it? Probably not. 

“Is this an environment in which interacting with people and motivating others are rewarded?” Yes, yes, and yes. Pretty much any of the jobs I chose from my preferred careers, I will be doing exactly that, which is potentially what I want to do. I can’t wait to further look into my potential career paths, and truly find what I am most passionate about. I’m real excited, you guys. Image

Where Does All My Time Go?



Here’s a little idea of how exactly I spend my average weeks. Naturally, the background had to be pink, because it’s my favorite color. 

Now for the breakdown.

I sleep about 42 hours a week, which I’d say is a good amount. It works for my schedule, so I’m not complaining.

For a girl, I’d say a good two hours of grooming a day isn’t terrible. I mean c’mon, that includes showers, hair, makeup, etc. I’ve heard of worse. 

I give myself a good hour or so to sit and eat, mostly with my friends or roommate. That includes going out to eat too, so I figured about three hours was accurate. 

As for commute, that had some math involved. I don’t live far from home, but I do go through to pick up miscellaneous things pretty often. I’m almost always going somewhere, so I just gave myself a good hour or so a day of commute. 

Since I attend a church group, as well as partake in the Greek Emerging Leaders organization, I combined the two.  It came put to about 5 or so hours a week between the two, but it honestly varies. 

I. Do. A. Lot. Of. Errands. When I’m not in class, I’m running around town trying to get as much as I can done. I love being busy. 

I don’t currently have a job, but I’m hoping this will change soon, and I can somehow fit it in my schedule. 

As a full-time student at UNT, I attend class fifteen hours a week. Thankfully, they are pretty well spread out, and my hours are not outrageous. 

Lastly, we get to talk about my social life. Heh, well, I do a lot of socializing. I like to make time for my friends and family as much as possible, even if that means I’m doing homework right there with them. As bad as it sounds, socializing is a pretty big priority of mine, but as long as I manage it correctly, I see no issue. I think I do a little more than I think I do, though…

1. The majority of my time generally goes towards sleep, obviously because that takes up a good six hours of my daily schedule. I like getting enough sleep, but I’m not really the type that tries to sleep at every opportunity of my day. The least amount of my time goes towards commuting, only because I live on campus, and my family lives on the outskirts of Denton, so driving long distances is never really an issue. My chart is subject to change, of course, because it is still very early in the semester. 

2. Oh boy. Time wasters. I don’t know, I feel like I’m always pretty busy. But I’ll have to say watching T.V. is my biggest time waster, or being too social, which has been an issue for me before. But hey, work hard, play hard, am I right?

3. Some time management areas I would probably like improve on would be to pay better attention to my syllabus, and make sure I’m doing everything on time, all the time. I get so busy, that if I don’t remind myself to keep up with my syllabus, then I’ll completely forget about some assignments, or even an exam. I just need to take the time to go through my syllabus’ regularly, and keep track of my schedule. 

4. As long as I keep up with school and do what I know is best, it’ll show in my grades, and in my work ethic overall. The harder you try now, the easier it will feel in the long run. 

5. Essentially, time management is going to aid in my success in the long run, and again strengthen my work ethic for the future. It will help me accomplish goals more efficiently, and set goals higher than I would otherwise. This won’t take away from the spontaneity of my personality, but instead be a guide to achieve my priorities first and foremost.

P.S. I apologize that my graph looks like it’s from the 90’s. It’s all I got. 




The Accuracy of the Myers-Briggs is I N S A N E.

Well now that my internet is up and running, and my assignment is officially late, I guess I’ll start.

First of all, W O W. Let’s just talk about how scary-accurate this test was. Before receiving our results, we discussed what we might think our personalities consist of. Surprisingly, I was dead on, and so was this test. I definitely knew I was an extravert. I love getting to know people, and I love learning people’s stories. I enjoy talking with them and knowing them on a personal level. Next, I learned that I was leaning towards more of an “intuition” personality, which I felt was also very accurate. I’m not a very concrete thinker; I take too many things into consideration and I enjoy using creativity to make a background story.  There are so many possibilities in life, and so many ways to get there. I then learned that I primarily focus on feeling, rather than thinking, which is an obvious one for me. I’ve always known this. I always go off of my feelings rather than my logic when making a decision. That’s how I know I’m making the right choice for myself. Sort of along those lines, I learned that I definitely “perceive” more than I “judge.” The idea of being too scheduled stresses me out, and I don’t believe that’s how life should necessarily always be lived. Flexibility is key to taking spontaneous opportunities. Basically, this test summed me up in a matter of ten pages. 

As the results suggested, I love working in an environment where I can help and motivate others to develop as well as myself, I use multiple ways to solving a situation, and looking at many possibilities to get there. I enjoy working in groups, rather than ridin’ solo, and I love a high energy environment. It’s easiest for me to work in an environment where we can all work off of each other, and brainstorm off each other’s ideas to create something great. Working closely with people really aids in creating bonds, and achieving that high energy vibe to get work done. With all honesty, I connected with literally every single thing these ten pieces of paper said. I read through them, and thought “Yes..yes…yes…that’s me…that too…” 

Among the challenges, I could relate to them all, as well.  I do have trouble determining priorities among all of the possibilities. I don’t have concrete action for my plans, due to all of the possibilities and ways of getting there. Life is broad, and so are the amount of ways to approach issues or ideas.  

As for the ranking of job families, the “Most Attractive” category fit me the most. It consisted of jobs that I have honestly thought of, but couldn’t reassure myself with, due to all of the possibilities. I’ve considered Media, and Community and Social Service very heavily, and it just so happens they are my second and third Most Attractive. The jobs located in the “Least Attractive” list are the careers I cannot see myself in at all, and definitely could not enjoy.  This includes anything having to do with engineering, Protective Services, Computer and Mathematics, etc. I knew this ahead of time though. But again, that reassurance is so comforting. The list really helped me out, and reassured me of my career possibilities. 

Sooner rather than later, I hope to pick a career that I fall in love with, and inspire others to be as passionate as I am. 

Honestly, What Can I See Myself Doing?

I seriously ask myself this question every. Single. Day. To those who have known what they want to do since first grade: I envy you. I have never, ever known what I want to do with my life, because I can see myself in so many fields. There are so many things I appreciate and enjoy in life; I just don’t understand the idea of going to school for ONE degree.  Why not three, four, five, ten, I mean if you’re that talented. Why not do everything you love? For some, that’s easy; they do. For others, that number is far too large, and you need to start down one path. Society has this thing, where it convinces people that they should act, look, sound, and be a certain way. “You have to get a degree for a good job,” they tell us, “That includes being a doctor or a lawyer.” Yeah, right. Shout out to y’all who, much like me, are passionate about things other than the “get rich or die trying” idea. Money is important, especially in this day in age, obviously. But let’s think about the things we love, the things that get us excited to wake up in the morning and do. I guess breaking it down would be my best bet to figuring it out, so here we go. 

I enjoy making people smile. 

I’m passionate about making connections and relationships with people, and letting them know they can trust me. I care about everyone, and I want everyone to see that. I want to learn about professions that are one-on-one with people, and that I know I am doing something good for them. 

I enjoy seeing people who make people smile.

I’m very much inspired by these kinds of people. Those who are passionate about what they do, and who they are influencing by the goodness in their heart. Interacting with these kinds of people is so uplifting, who are so openminded, trustworthy, and influential. 

I enjoy creativity, and seeing people utilize their individuality.

This is crucial. Who wants to work with a bunch of cookie-cutter office snobs? Reach out to others and accept their individuality; this makes brainstorming and cooperativeness a breeze, and even enjoyable. Loving everyone around you will make you love what you do even more. 

Be contagious.

Be the person that you want people to see you as. Be excited. Be fun. Be spontaneous. Be the influence you would want to see in others. 

I want to learn about careers that give me the opportunity to branch out and grow, and maybe even change some lives. I want to see people smile, and know that it was my doing. From volunteer work, to event planning, I want a career that allows me to work one-on-one with clients, and know them on a personal level.

Give me a job that has all of that. That’s my passion. 


My Sad Attempt at a Bucket List

Okay, you guys. Again, not a professional blogger or anything, so bear with me. Behold, my sad attempt at a bucket list. Some of these I could go more in depth, but they’re pretty straightforward.

-be a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader

-get Married

-Have a big family

-live in Hawaii after graduation

-travel to New Zealand

-save a life

-meet Luke Bryan

-be a guest on Good Morning America

-sample chocolate in Switzerland

-learn how to surf