Spirituality and Me

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed Jon’s presentation in class the other day. I had no idea how many religious/spiritual organizations there was on campus, which is so so cool. Although I am a Christian, I think it’s awesome that the school is open and welcoming to so many other types of religions and beliefs.  I love the diversity of the school, and think it’s great that we support our differences through a variety of organizations! In my opinion, spirituality is how your beliefs and values define you as an individual. People may have different religious beliefs, but can share many spiritual beliefs at the same time. I was always taught that no matter what your beliefs are, you are supposed to respect and accept other’s beliefs and opinions, so I felt I could really relate to Jon’s presentation. What I thought was awesome was his idea of “Holy Envy,” which I have always known about yet have never heard a name for it.  I have always seen the good in other religions and beliefs and thought, “hey, that’s really respectable. I like that.” 

Overall, I think Jon’s presentation was a great idea for our class, and we got to learn about each other a little more.  So, a big thanks to Jon for presenting, and a big big thanks to Ms. Laura for making it all happen. (:


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