Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Teams are super important to your daily life, because I believe that there is power in numbers.  Working as a team allows you the opinion, work, and comradity that I feel is necessary to accomplish many goals. It’s such a rewarding feeling when you know that you have successfully worked together to complete a common goal.  Through teamwork, you are able to life up others in a positive way, split up the work evenly (I’d hope), and feel good knowing that your team has accomplished something that before may have seem so far fetched with only one person. Of course, working in teams is not always easy, and much of the time is difficult based on schedules, work ethic, etc.  But once everyone in the group figures out the common goal, and each person’s individual job, the project becomes much easier to complete. I personally love working in teams, because it gives you the opportunity to know your peers better, and you get to sit down and talk with them about some of your common goals. Overall, I’m a strong advocate for the whole teamwork idea, and I’m happy to say I’ve really enjoyed my Road Trip Nation group. (: GO BYOM


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