#UGST Class On Tour in a City Near You!

So, the things we learned at the library and the CC actually ended up being really useful. There, I said it. My favorite part of it all was meeting the really awesome people that worked in these places. Literally, I could chill with them. I felt super comfortable asking questions and conversing with them, and they were so helpful! Here’s a list of things I learned from them:

Library: I found out about the Digital Library, which basically is an entire catalog of documents that have to do with whatever major you choose; it’s real neat. 


Next, I learned about the Online Articles, which give you access to a butt-load of research articles that are just fabulous for research, papers, projects, etc. 


Today, we went to the Career Center, and learned about the many tools aiding those who are wishing to find a job/preparing for the “real world.” One thing we learned about (and was highly encouraged to get) was EagleNetwork. This strengthens our overall connections with the school, alumni, and job opportunities and internships that may be available. It’s a great door opener for many different opportunities! 


The Career Center in general helps you really get prepared for the real world, and allows you many ways to get involved! They’ll even do mock interviews, allow interviews to be held there, and they’ll help you build your resume! They’ll tell you when they have workshops to take advantage of, too!


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