Myers-Briggs/Strong Strikes Again!

Like the Myers-Briggs report, the Strong Profile was extremely correct. I don’t know about y’all, but it’s really helping me figure out what I want to do, or at least reassure me of what I was thinking I wanted to do. 

My letters ended up being SAE, or Social, Artistic and Enterprising. Funny, that’s what I guessed I would be, in that order. According to the chart, apparently I’m very social and artistic, and enterprising as well. These three topics fit exactly into the three majors I have been considering: Broadcast Journalism, Counseling, and Hospitality Management. I pretty much just need to pick from the three… So yes, my Strong very much so applies to me. 

Some of the careers I have been considering popped up in my Top Ten Strong Occupations, or at least careers I may consider, including Broadcast Journalism, and Community Service Directing.  That was pretty reassuring to see, so at least I’m not totally clueless.  I have also considered being a Special Education Teacher, because I LOVE working with kids, and I have always been extremely interested in disorders and special needs. I can see myself in these career paths, because they include a lot of interaction with people, and that’s the kind of career a want to pursue. If I need a second job, Bartending can be the next best thing, I suppose. (: 

Here goes my Personal Style Scales Preferences:

1. You likely prefer working with people. (duh)

2. You seem to prefer to learn my doing. (very accurate)

3. You probably are comfortable both leading by example and taking charge. (I mean, if it’s necessary or something I’m passionate about, yeah.)

4. You may dislike taking risks. (MEGA YES)

5. You probably enjoy participating in teams. (Teamwork makes the dream work, y’all)

So basically, all of these are very accurate, and it’s kinda creepin’ me out a bit. But hey, whatever’s going to to help me decide, right?

Alrighty. So for the Themes of Greatest Interest to You, I came out with a whopping “Empathic Helper,” “Creative Communicator,” and “Active Persuader.” Cool, I can agree with those. For my “Social” major, I chose Counseling, because that’s something I can really see myself doing. I love helping others, and I love having the reputation of being trustworthy.  I’m not sure exactly what sort of counseling I would do, but I could definitely see myself down that path! For “Artistic,” I chose Broadcasting, because that’s another career I had already been considering. It takes a lot of creativity and writing, and I think I’m pretty creative, and I love to write. It’s just a career that’s really sparked my interest, and requires a lot of socializing and working with others. I had a hard time picking just one, though.  There were a lot in this category that I have considered, or see myself doing, like Photography, Dance, and Journalism. It’s an issue. Lastly, my “Enterprising.” I chose Hospitality as my major for this one, because that’s what I’ve also previously considered. With this, I’d probably go more towards management, and maybe be a wedding planner! Gah, I’d love that. I probably wouldn’t work in the hotel business, despite my last name. Just not really for me. 

As for my Learning Environment, of course, it is very correct. I DO love learning through a more hands-on environment, it’s just easier to remember things when you’ve done it yourself and have already gone through the procedure or practiced a lot. I love the idea of internships, because what better way to learn than to get thrown right in and learn the ropes of it all. I can handle the traditional lecture classes, sure, but if I really need something to stick, it needs to be hands-on.  I think it’s because I went to a Montessori elementary school, and ever since then I’ve always had that itch to learn things by doing them, not just listening and reading about how to do it. So, I can’t wait to get an internship somewhere. 

The collaboration with the Strong and the Myers-Briggs pretty much sums up my whole work personality and preferred work environment.  I love an interactive, collaborative environment, where everyone works off of each other to accomplish something great. I love to be helpful, and I love to do anything I can for the benefit of others. I love seeing the potential in everyone around me, and feeding off of that. I like to make sure that whatever I chose, it doesn’t only benefit me, but also those around me, otherwise I’m not happy. I can adapt easily to situations, and I’m not terribly scared to change things around and use variety. As for more of my personality at work, I’d be energetic, and uplift others to get the job done. I want to be as encouraging as possible. I also want to contribute to the team in the most positive way possible, and be as helpful as I can. Work isn’t enjoyable if the atmosphere is discouraging. Let’s make it more fun, shall we?

Well, the Strong gave me some “occupations to explore,” and some of them were spot on. Others, not so much. Like a Life Insurance Agent? I’m not real sure how that one came into play, but O-Net should be helpful with that…

Let’s see here. According to O-Net,  the job requires experience with people. Okay, so you have to be social. And I’m social. It also requires management, which has to do with enterprising. It also requires a lot of reading and writing, and I love both of those. Listening is also a large factor, and I love listening to people. Mainly, there’s just a lot of talking involved, and according to my personality description I do a lot of that.  I guess technically, the job makes sense for me. But would I consider it? Probably not. 

“Is this an environment in which interacting with people and motivating others are rewarded?” Yes, yes, and yes. Pretty much any of the jobs I chose from my preferred careers, I will be doing exactly that, which is potentially what I want to do. I can’t wait to further look into my potential career paths, and truly find what I am most passionate about. I’m real excited, you guys. Image

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