The Accuracy of the Myers-Briggs is I N S A N E.

Well now that my internet is up and running, and my assignment is officially late, I guess I’ll start.

First of all, W O W. Let’s just talk about how scary-accurate this test was. Before receiving our results, we discussed what we might think our personalities consist of. Surprisingly, I was dead on, and so was this test. I definitely knew I was an extravert. I love getting to know people, and I love learning people’s stories. I enjoy talking with them and knowing them on a personal level. Next, I learned that I was leaning towards more of an “intuition” personality, which I felt was also very accurate. I’m not a very concrete thinker; I take too many things into consideration and I enjoy using creativity to make a background story.  There are so many possibilities in life, and so many ways to get there. I then learned that I primarily focus on feeling, rather than thinking, which is an obvious one for me. I’ve always known this. I always go off of my feelings rather than my logic when making a decision. That’s how I know I’m making the right choice for myself. Sort of along those lines, I learned that I definitely “perceive” more than I “judge.” The idea of being too scheduled stresses me out, and I don’t believe that’s how life should necessarily always be lived. Flexibility is key to taking spontaneous opportunities. Basically, this test summed me up in a matter of ten pages. 

As the results suggested, I love working in an environment where I can help and motivate others to develop as well as myself, I use multiple ways to solving a situation, and looking at many possibilities to get there. I enjoy working in groups, rather than ridin’ solo, and I love a high energy environment. It’s easiest for me to work in an environment where we can all work off of each other, and brainstorm off each other’s ideas to create something great. Working closely with people really aids in creating bonds, and achieving that high energy vibe to get work done. With all honesty, I connected with literally every single thing these ten pieces of paper said. I read through them, and thought “Yes..yes…yes…that’s me…that too…” 

Among the challenges, I could relate to them all, as well.  I do have trouble determining priorities among all of the possibilities. I don’t have concrete action for my plans, due to all of the possibilities and ways of getting there. Life is broad, and so are the amount of ways to approach issues or ideas.  

As for the ranking of job families, the “Most Attractive” category fit me the most. It consisted of jobs that I have honestly thought of, but couldn’t reassure myself with, due to all of the possibilities. I’ve considered Media, and Community and Social Service very heavily, and it just so happens they are my second and third Most Attractive. The jobs located in the “Least Attractive” list are the careers I cannot see myself in at all, and definitely could not enjoy.  This includes anything having to do with engineering, Protective Services, Computer and Mathematics, etc. I knew this ahead of time though. But again, that reassurance is so comforting. The list really helped me out, and reassured me of my career possibilities. 

Sooner rather than later, I hope to pick a career that I fall in love with, and inspire others to be as passionate as I am. 

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