Honestly, What Can I See Myself Doing?

I seriously ask myself this question every. Single. Day. To those who have known what they want to do since first grade: I envy you. I have never, ever known what I want to do with my life, because I can see myself in so many fields. There are so many things I appreciate and enjoy in life; I just don’t understand the idea of going to school for ONE degree.  Why not three, four, five, ten, I mean if you’re that talented. Why not do everything you love? For some, that’s easy; they do. For others, that number is far too large, and you need to start down one path. Society has this thing, where it convinces people that they should act, look, sound, and be a certain way. “You have to get a degree for a good job,” they tell us, “That includes being a doctor or a lawyer.” Yeah, right. Shout out to y’all who, much like me, are passionate about things other than the “get rich or die trying” idea. Money is important, especially in this day in age, obviously. But let’s think about the things we love, the things that get us excited to wake up in the morning and do. I guess breaking it down would be my best bet to figuring it out, so here we go. 

I enjoy making people smile. 

I’m passionate about making connections and relationships with people, and letting them know they can trust me. I care about everyone, and I want everyone to see that. I want to learn about professions that are one-on-one with people, and that I know I am doing something good for them. 

I enjoy seeing people who make people smile.

I’m very much inspired by these kinds of people. Those who are passionate about what they do, and who they are influencing by the goodness in their heart. Interacting with these kinds of people is so uplifting, who are so openminded, trustworthy, and influential. 

I enjoy creativity, and seeing people utilize their individuality.

This is crucial. Who wants to work with a bunch of cookie-cutter office snobs? Reach out to others and accept their individuality; this makes brainstorming and cooperativeness a breeze, and even enjoyable. Loving everyone around you will make you love what you do even more. 

Be contagious.

Be the person that you want people to see you as. Be excited. Be fun. Be spontaneous. Be the influence you would want to see in others. 

I want to learn about careers that give me the opportunity to branch out and grow, and maybe even change some lives. I want to see people smile, and know that it was my doing. From volunteer work, to event planning, I want a career that allows me to work one-on-one with clients, and know them on a personal level.

Give me a job that has all of that. That’s my passion. 


4 thoughts on “Honestly, What Can I See Myself Doing?

  1. Thanks for sharing your passion and what drives you, Jade. There might not be one major or one career — but MANY that will meet your needs for positive working relationships, creativity & individuality. I look forward to hearing what you learn for this project. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to find someone who, like you said, doesn’t have that “get rich or dying” mentality. There is so much more to life than something as man-made as money. It’s nice to find someone who values creativity as much as I do. So many people really are just fitting into the mold, which is so boring. I can’t wait to get to know you more and see where you decide to go in life!

  3. Omg yes! I really thought I was the only one that freaked out about not having an idea of what to do. My mind is constantly changing and I’ve had enough experiences to know what I can’t do. I just really want to help people haha

  4. I totally agree with you when you said to be the person that you want other people to see you as. I’ve always learned from people who lead by example, and I try to do the same. As long as you are trying to make yourself better than you were yesterday, you are inspiring others.

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